Babboe Pro Bike - Super-fast cargo biking through the city

The Bike means never being stuck in a traffic jam again, contributing to the environment and getting to your destination at lightning speed. This business cargo bike handles just like a regular bicycle, allowing you to easily manoeuvre through busy city traffic. Do you cover routes that take you outside the city centre? This bike flies like an arrow, helping you complete your route as quickly as possible. The Bike offers the choice of 2 boxes, one flight case and one composite.

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Cargo bike Babboe Pro Bike

Super-fast cargo biking through the city

Slender and manoeuvrable

Babboe Pro Bike

Super-fast cargo bike through the city - Slender and manoeuvrable

The robust and beautifully shaped composite box with a 350-litre capacity is a real eye-catcher. The box has a sturdy lock and opens and closes on the handlebar-side. This allows for easy access to the packages in the box. The box is available in white or black.

Cargo bike Babboe Pro Bike
Babboe Pro Bike

Your own logo on a cargo bike - Free advertising for your business

The Bike with composite box is the perfect advertising tool for your business. A beautiful sticker with your company’s logo can be placed on both sides of the box.

Cargobike own logo
Babboe Pro Bike Mountain

Yamaha midmotor - Experience natural pedal assistance

With the Enviolo (Nuvinci) stepless shifting system and the force sensor, the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor adapts the amount of assistance to your own leg power, as if you’re doing all the pedalling by yourself.

Cargo bike middenmotor

Compare the Pro Bike delivery bikes:

Babboe Pro Bike-E

Babboe Pro Bike-E

Babboe Pro Bike Midmotor

Babboe Pro Bike Midmotor

Babboe Pro Bike

Babboe Pro Bike
Electric cargo bike
Electric cargo bike
Electric cargo bike
Non-electric cargo bike
Luggage carrier
LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
LED lighting on batteries (front and rear)
Type of gear
Stepless hub
Battery location
Under the luggage carrier
Behind the box
Motor position
Rear wheel motor
Motor technology
Force (Nm)
Type of sensor
Rotation and speed
Power and speed
Flat roads, Slight slope
Steep slope, Slight slope
Flat roads

Current users of these business cargo bikes include:

  • Towns, for neighbourhood checks
  • Service technicians to check metres
  • Tourist offices to promote their city

Babboe Pro Bike

With its slender design, the Bike iis very suitable for transportation in busy cities. If you’re transporting light, rectangular parcels, then the Bike flight case is a good option for you. If you're looking for a cargo bike with a designer look and a robust, waterproof box, go for the composite box. Both boxes are equipped with a sturdy lock with handle to open and close the box. Stickers with your own logo can be placed on the composite box and your cargo bike instantly becomes an advertising medium for your company!

Electric Bike

The Bike-E comes with electric assistance. The motor is located in the rear wheel, so you always get that extra boost. The cargo bike is equipped with 7 gears so you’re always in the perfect cycling mode. The battery is concealed in the luggage carrier and can be easily charged at home or while you’re out and about.

Mid-drive motor Bike

The Bike Midmotor has a Yamaha mid-drive motor and offers extra assistance on your route. The powerful mid-drive motor is equipped with a step sensor and a NuVinci stepless shifting system. This makes the assistance feel very natural. Transporting heavy loads and stopped at a traffic light? Thanks to this sensitive motor you can always take off easily. As a result, this is the perfect electric cargo bike for long routes through the city!

Purchasing a cargo bike

The Bike is available online on our webshop or at one of our dealers. Ask them if they have the Babboae Bike model available

Babboe Pro electric cargo bikes are high-quality cargo bikes. Our confidence in the quality is reflected in the 5-year warranty on these cargo bikes. Interested in purchasing a Bike?