Is home delivery included?

When you order a Babboe cargo bike we will ensure that it is delivered to your doorstep. Your cargo bike is ready to use at delivery. Do make a test ride straight away to ensure everything works accordingly.

What are the cost of delivery?
A Babboe cargo bike is just as easy to purchase online as in a bike store. All prices online include home delivery. You aren't charged any additional shipping costs for home delivery. We do charge shipping costs for orders of accessories under £ 75, but if you order the accessories at the same time as your bike, no charges will apply.

Is my bike ready to use at delivery?
Almost! You just need to undo the bike of all necessary boxes and protection. Secondly put your steering wheel and saddle at the right hight for your length. Do you need help? Feel free to call our customer service. They are happy to help by email, phone or social media.

DIY with your kids
We have done our utmost to deliver your Babboe in top shape. That is why your cargo bike is fully wrapped in cardboard. Perfect material for a D.I.Y. project. Fun for your child to play with, as a new home for your pet or use it as a storage bin. Did you manage to build something special? Send in your photo! Do note: If you are not satisfied with your cargo bike after 14 days, return the cargo bike in its original packaging.