5 benefits of a Babboe Pro delivery bike

benefits delivery bike

This year, Babboe entered the transportation industry sector (press release). The new Babboe Pro delivery bikes are the ideal modes of transportation for rapid, clean and cheap urban transport. Instead of the hassle of lugging goods from a parking space to the delivery location, you can now park right in front of the door. Here are five reasons why a Babboe Pro delivery bike is perfect for you.

1. Mobile Advertising

Did you know we can easily place decals on your Babboe Pro delivery bike? The sturdy composite box’s smart design is perfect for any entrepreneur's mobile advertising. Place decals with your own personal design on any Babboe Pro delivery bike. You’ll stand out and at the same time, you’ll be advertising your company.

2. Sustainable

Sustainable transport is considered an important condition for many entrepreneurs. A sustainable, electric Babboe Pro delivery bike can be just as convenient as a petrol-guzzling delivery van. With a Babboe Pro delivery bike you’ll never be stuck in traffic again, and you’ll be contributing to the environment. By getting around on a delivery bike, you’ll help reduce global CO2 emissions. But what’s even more important is to prepare for the 'zero emission' zones. These zones should lead to a CO2 reduction of 1 megatonne. An increasing number of cities are expanding their zero emission zones. This means that entrepreneurs with ordinary cars or vans are often no longer permitted in certain parts of the city. A good reason to start using an electric Babboe Pro delivery bike.

3. Convenience

A Babboe Pro delivery bike is a very practical mode of transportation to transport goods and provide services in a busy city. Cities are becoming more and more congested; roads are getting busier, and the efficiency with which goods are delivered continues to decline. With an increasing number of delivery vans, towns are becoming clogged with traffic. Babboe Pro delivery bikes are an excellent solution to this problem. Babboe Pro delivery bikes allow you to easily manoeuvre through busy city traffic. An additional benefit is that riders don't require a driving license and there’s always a spot to park in front of the delivery address. No more searching for parking spaces.

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4. More Economical

Besides the fact that you won’t have to deal with traffic jams or search for available parking space, Babboe Pro delivery bikes also have financial benefits. If you must park your van in a city centre, you’ll probably spend 25 to 30 Euro per business day. If you’re riding a Babboe Pro delivery bike, you can just park it for free on the pavement or your customer’s property. That’ll save you about 125 Euro per full working week. In addition to saving on parking costs, fuel costs will be quite a bit less as well. You’ll no longer need your car or van (on a daily basis). It would also be worth your while to look into the various subsidy schemes for electric transportation available to entrepreneurs.

5. Suitable for every entrepreneur

Did you know that a Babboe Pro delivery bike is suitable for almost any type of entrepreneur? Whether you're a baker delivering bread, a florist delivering bouquets or a service technician heading to a new job. A Babboe Pro delivery bike is the ultimate mode of transport to get to the delivery address quickly and efficiently.

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Which type of delivery bike you choose will depend on a few factors. Keep in mind the weight and volume you're transporting each day, how frequently you’ll be using the delivery bike, the available budget and whether or not you need electric support.

The Babboe Pro Trike is available with a volume of 265L or 300L and is perfect for transporting lighter goods. The narrow design of the Babboe Pro Bike (350L) makes them very suitable for rapid urban transportation of smaller loads. If you’re usually transporting heavier loads, opt for a mid-drive motor for additional support. The very large Babboe Pro Trike XL (carries up to 900 L!) is specially designed for transporting a large quantity of goods or bulky goods. Even with the large box, the powerful mid-drive motor makes it very easy to ride.

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