Beer brand Lowlander braves busy capital with electric cargo bike

Beer brand Lowlander braves busy capital with electric cargo bike

Crossing Amsterdam traffic in a quick and agile way: Lowlander Beer is only too happy to take the cargo bike for that. We spoke to Bob, Lowlander's Sales Ambassador about his experiences with the Babboe Pro Bike-E. What does Lowlander use the cargo bike for, and what happens when you get caught in a rain shower during your bike ride?

Botanically brewed beer from Dutch soil

The Amsterdam beer brand brews botanically brewed beers. 'We do this with ingredients like herbs, spices and fruit which gives an extra flavour profile to the beer,' says Bob. Not only does this provide a special taste experience, it also contributes to the sustainable creation of this alcoholic refreshment. As Sales Ambassador, Bob is on the road every day to introduce the new beer flavours to Amsterdam's catering trade. He manoeuvres through town on the Babboe Pro Bike-E, dressed entirely in Lowlander branding. 'The branding fits well and it also really stands out in the city. We also use them for brand activations with clients, ideal!' When asked how Bob deals with the typical Dutch autumn weather, Bob has to laugh: 'even when it rains I go out by bike. When the weather is nice, it is great: cycling through the city and getting a tan. With a downpour, I just put on a raincoat and go!'.

Bob visiting one of his clients in Amsterdam

A new sustainable alternative

For daily operations, Lowlander already owned a cargo bike. The desire for a similar mode of transport specifically designed for business purposes grew. In its search for a sustainable transport solution, the company stumbled upon Babboe Pro. 'We used to have a cargo bike that with an open box. The contents of the Babboe Pro Bike-E are much more spacious and sealed, which means I can go out all day without having to go back to the office to load new stuff,' says Bob.

Before Lowlander added the Babboe Pro Bike-E to its fleet, they took advantage of Babboe Pro's Try Before You Buy proposition: a trial period to find out whether the cargo bike could make daily tasks a lot easier. 'The trial period was really good! The advantage of this cargo bike is that your stuff stays dry, even in autumn'.

The cargo bike is completely immersed in the recognizable green house style of Lowlander

Getting from A to B quickly and saving costs

The Sales Department in Amsterdam uses the cargo bike the most to drive from customer to customer, says Bob. 'We all know Amsterdam: chaotic, busy and huge traffic. The electric cargo bike is the fastest way to get from A to B and it saves you a fortune in parking costs. I have about eight visits in a day, for which I carry different things in the cargo area. From new Lowlander beers (it fits exactly 4 beer kegs!), to glassware and promotional materials. I always carry these with me in the cargo area.'

More than just sustainable transport

For Lowlander, sustainability plays a big role. Not only is this demonstrated by the choice of an electric cargo bike, but the goal of being nature positive by 2030 also contributes to this. 'This means that we take in more CO2 than we emit,' Bob says. 'With this, we have also joined 1% For The Planet, supporting various initiatives to meet our 2030 goal.'

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