Why choose a cargo long cargo bike

Why choose a cargo long cargo bike

It has been proven that cargo bikes are an excellent substitute for certain types of commercial transport. A cargo bike is quiet, easy to maneuver, emissions-free and takes up little space. Not only that, but switching from a delivery van to an electric delivery bike is a socially responsible choice. Not only is it good for the environment, but also for the health of your employees.

What is a cargo bike for transporting goods

A delivery bike, i.e. a cargo bike with two wheels, is a cargo bike with a box is designed for transporting cargo. Many cargo bikes are equipped with electric support to make it more comfortable for the rider. There are several models available in the market in which the box is placed at either the front or back of the bike.

Maneuverable and reliable

Are you a business professional who is looking for a transport alternative? The electric cargo bike may very well be the perfect solution. Because a cargo bike is easy to maneuver, it's a fast means of transport. You can easily pedal past traffic jams, ride on roads closed to cars and find parking within no time. This way, your employee can be sure that he will arrive at his destination on time. After all, an appointment is an appointment.

Visibly sustainable

Consumers and customers will be pleased to see your employee arrive by cargo bike. The transport bike is clean and quiet. And that means no harmful CO2 emissions, no particulate matter, no stench and no humming diesel engine passing through the neighborhood. Since the cargo bike helps improve the urban environment, you positively distinguish yourself from the competition as a business professional. The addition of a visible company logo on the side of the box increases your distinctiveness. Good for the customer, good for the environment and good for your reputation.

Fit on a bike

Getting more exercise is good for your health. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management calls that a "bike fact". Those who ride a bike often reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancer. It has been established that commuting to work daily by bike reduces the risk of premature death by 41 percent. Another finding is that employees who commute to work on foot or by bike have a higher satisfaction level, are more relaxed and experience a greater sense of freedom than their colleagues who commute by car. Naturally, this depends on the personal circumstances of each individual.

Now for your employees...

By now, you may be convinced of the benefits for you as a business professional of buying an electric cargo bike, but how do you convince your employees to start using it? Tip: Explain all the benefits above to your employee.

You can also recruit new employees in a more targeted way. When employees are difficult to find, you can take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to a new group of potential colleagues. Of course, you can't know in advance how your new employees will feel about the delivery bike. But as more and more cargo bikes for transport are seen on city streets, this mode of transport will increase in popularity. Similar developments occurred with other means of transport, such as the electric scooter and electric taxi.

Job applicants may very well turn down a job offer because they do not want to have to find parking for the delivery van near their home. A delivery bike can be a great way to convince candidates. Besides, the experiences of employees with a cargo bike have been positive. Customers and other road users often respond positively to cargo bikes, which is a lot nicer than all that grumbling about delivery vans that block the road or parking enforcement officers who threaten to write up a ticket.

Babboe Pro Bike

The Babboe Pro is the commercial cargo bike from Babboe. A different cargo bike has been developed for every type of profession, task and employee. And with or without electric assistance. A practical and sustainable means of commercial transport for cargo and services in a busy urban environment.

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