What are tips against cargo bike theft?

Cargo bikes are popular with thieves. The high street value, even for second-hand cargo bikes, make them a sought-after item with bike thieves. One could even presume that in the case of cargo bikes we are dealing with professionals or a gang! Time to protect your Babboe against possible theft. The tips below will reduce the chance of getting your cargo bike stolen.

Tip 1 | Use locks

Always use more than one lock. All Babboe cargo bikes are standard equipped with a ring lock, some of which are ART certified. We recommend you use an additional lock. You could use the Babboe universal chain lock, for example. The locks are available in different lengths: 110 and 180 cm.

Tip 2 | Personalize

Stickers and Decals will cheer up your Babboe cargo bike. Not only are they pretty, they make your cargo bike stand out from a crowd. A distinctive cargo bike is less likely to be resold. The loose stickers and so-called 'cargo box decals' are available in various designs.

Tip 3 | Secure

In tip 1 we mentioned using an extra lock. Of course, it’s good to use an extra lock. But even better is to secure your cargo bike to a fence, lamppost or bike rack with this extra lock.

Tip 4 | Park

Preferably park your Babboe cargo bike in a busy street and well in sight. This will make it more difficult for thieves to steal a cargo bike. They don’t like operating in full view.

Tip 5 | cargo bike insurance

Buy an insurance specifically for cargo bikes!

For additional questions or tips, please contact Babboe's customer service We will gladly assist you!