Where can I find Babboe Pro manuals?

Cargo bike manual

Congratulations on the purchase of your Babboe cargo bike! We think it's important that you understand how your cargo bike works. Please read the manual for your cargo bike well so that you can hit the road safely. Everyone who uses your cargo bike needs to be familiar with the contents of this manual.

You can always find a copy of this cargo bike manual on our website.  When conducting a search on our website, just select the "Manuals" under "Filters". Every Babboe cargo bike we deliver comes with a manual (Quick Start Guide). In this manual you'll find, among other things, information about use, assisted pedaling, the digital display, the battery, the warranty, and maintenance.

Declaration of Conformity

Type of cargo bike
Big-E | Carve-E | Curve-E | Dog-E | Flow-E | Babboe Go E | Max-E | Pro Trike-E
Download (pdf)
City-E | Mini-E | Pro Bike Flightcase-E | Pro Bike-E Download (pdf)
City Mountain | Mini Mountain | Slim Mountain | Pro Bike Midmotor |  Pro Flightcase Midmotor
Download (pdf)
Carve Mountain | Curve Mountain | Flow Mountain | Go Mountain | Pro Trike XL Download (pdf)