The cargo bike as an alternative to the car

The cargo bike as an alternative to the car

Traffic lights here. Traffic lights there. And then the endless search for a good place to park. Are you tired of fighting your way through the busy city traffic too? Then choose an alternative to the car. A Babboe Pro cargo bike for example. Because meals can also be delivered by bike!

Of course a car has some advantages, but also quite a number of disadvantages. An alternative to the car, such as a cargo bike, can be a real relief, allowing you to improve your last mile delivery. And in these times, where deliveries are becoming ever more popular, it could be a good time to switch modes of transport. We will set out the advantages and disadvantages for you.

Advantages of a car

  • The main feature of a car or delivery van is its large loading area which is set up for transporting goods. If you sometimes need to transport bulky goods, then you can always take them with you.
  • Driving a car or van is fairly simple. Employees know how to drive the car and what fits inside.
  • You can travel large distances with a car, and you can move from place to place rapidly in the outer suburbs.
  • You will never arrive soaking wet in the van. You are always dry!

Disdavantages of a car

  • Cities are filling up, the roads are getting busier and traffic lights are red for longer. So with a car there is a high probability that you will be stuck in traffic with a car in the city rush hour.
  • If you need to park a delivery van in the city for the whole day, this can easily cost you 25 to 30 pounds. Then you need to add the costs of fuel and road tax.
  • Looking to advertise your business? Maybe a car or van is no longer the best option. We see delivery vans all the time, meaning that a cargo bike with graphics stands out much more.
  • A delivery van which drinks diesel or petrol uses a lot of fuel and causes significantly more CO2 emissions than a cargo bike. If you wanted to improve the environment, then a cargo bike is a good alternative to the car.

Cargo bike advantages

  • With a cargo bike you don't get held up in traffic. This is because with the Babboe Pro cargo bike you simply cycle past the busy city traffic. This makes last mile delivery a breeze!
  • You don't need to look for a free parking space any more. With a cargo bike you can always park right outside the door.
  • You cut a lot of costs with a cargo bike, such as inner-city parking charges. If you take the Babboe Pro cargo bike, then you just park on the pavement for free, or on the customer's premises. As well as parking costs, of course you save a significant amount on fuel.
  • Is sustainability an important requirement for you as a business owner? With a cargo bike you make your own small contribution to the environment. By moving around on the cargo bike, you help to reduce the world's CO2 emisisons. You also prepare yourself for the growth of the 'zero emissions' zones.
  • Cycling is good for the muscles and helps to keep the body in good condition. A bike journey in the fresh air can also help to clear your head and gain perspective again. Do you have a cargo bike? Then your body is getting the benefits.

Cargo bike disadvantages

  • If it rains, you get wet on the cargo bike. That's a fact. And no-one really likes cycling in the rain, do they?
  • Some businesses need to transport a lot of goods to the customer. Big things, like a ladder, won't fit on a cargo bike. In that case a van is more practical.
  • The range of a Babboe Pro cargo bike is 40-60 kilometres. The cargo bike isn't as good for long distances or remote suburban areas.
  • With the cargo bike you need to consider charging the battery. The Babboe Pro cargo bikes have a charging time of 4 to 6 hours.

But if these are the only disadvantages of a cargo bike, then the cargo bike is definitely a good alternative to the car, right? Still not convinced and want to find out what's it's like riding a Babboe Pro cargo bike? Then we would be pleased to invite you to come and try out a Babboe Pro cargo bike. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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