Sustainable transportation helps you win more contracts: Choose a cargo bike

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As an entrepreneur, you've most likely had to bid for contracts. This is the procedure where a projectowner lets it be known that they are looking for someone to complete a job. The project owner willask various companies to make a bid for the job, and reward the work to the one that best fits whatthey are looking for. Now that sustainability is growing in importance in the business world, a cargobike – or a delivery cargo bike – can help you, the entrepreneur, get the job.

Marco Herweijers from Herweijers and Son Painting Company. Herweijers can speak to this. He won acontract with one of his clients because of his sustainable transportation. Herweijers just recentlystarted using a cargo bike. He tells us: 

One of our clients put out the call for a big new project. Islogged through all the conditions, requirements, and wishes. Under "wishes," as is often the case,they asked about our contributions to sustainability. This gave me the chance to explain that we'vebeen using two electric delivery bikes for the last six months. You probably already know this, but itoften comes down to the details. Those little differences can give you an advantage over competitors.Thanks in part to the points we scored with our sustainable transportation, we won the contract inthe end. Our investment in these two delivery bikes has been repaid multiple times over!

Rising urban populations put more stress on the environment and make it less efficient to makedeliveries. A growing number of delivery vans clog city streets. On top of that, more and more townsare only letting "clean" delivery vehicles into the center. No wonder the subject of sustainability isbecoming more and more important to clients. When starting new projects, contractors want to lookinto increasing the sustainability of their logistics. Once a company has turned their ambitions towardsustainability, these ambitions are also included in their calls for project bids, says the PIANOo Contracting Expertise Center. And so, an increasing number of entrepreneurs have started lookinginto sustainable modes of transportation, such as cargo bikes or other delivery bikes. These delivery bikes are the ideal green solution to transporting goods and delivering services in a busy inner-city.

Delivery bikes for urban transport of goods

Quickly, cleanly, and affordably through the city. Babboe Pro's delivery bikes offer entrepreneurs asustainable way to maneuver through the city. Skip the traffic, skip the gas station, and parkanywhere. And, bonus, this green choice might help you win more contracts, when you share it withthe contractor.

Curious what it would be like to start using a cargo bike for your company? Then we'd like to inviteyou to try out a Babboe Pro delivery bike for yourself. Then you can experience for yourself how itwould work with your company. Who know, maybe you'll like it – and start raking those contracts in!

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